Nursing Care Plan (NCP): Fever

Fever is characterized by an elevation of temperature, usually 37.5 C and above. Fever can be an early sign of infection, as the body attempts to eliminate the bacteria/virus by rising the body's temperature. This is common among children and postoperative patients. And as a nurse, we will need to devise a nursing care plan that will help patients' temperature to return to normal.

Situation: As the nurse, you saw Anna wearing a jacket, pajama, socks and is curled inside a blanket. Upon taking her temperature, you found out that it is above normal: 38C.

Here's a sample nursing care plan for fever.

  • Skin warm to touch
  • Temperature: 38 C
  • Alteration in body temperature related to inappropriate clothing
  • Within the shift, the patient will maintain core temperature within normal range
  • Assess patient for any signs of convulsions
  • Assess for signs of dehydration
  • Monitor Vital Signs especially temperature
  • Note presence of sweating as the body attempts to increase heat loss by evaporation, conduction and diffusion
  • Instruct patient to wear loose clothes to promote heat loss
  • Render Tepid Sponge Bath (TSB)
  • Administer medications as ordered
  • Goal met.
  • Seen patient wearing loose clothing
  • Temparature: 37.4 C

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